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Doll / Japanimation Doll Aiko Medium
Aiko the Asian fantasy girl, designed specifically like the Hentai characters found in Japanese anime comics and films. Her big beautiful saucer-like eyes will captivate you. Features 2 holes with removable UR3 vagina.

Doll / Mr Stud Love Doll
Life-like doll with 8 in /20 cm penis and 4-color face.

Doll / India Nubian Love Doll
Life-like ebony face, 4-color love doll! Firm breasts and 3 holes.

Doll /Private Secretary Doll
Beautiful 4-colorface, sensuous long hair, voluptuous breasts, removable sexy skirt, blouse and bra. 3 love holes.

Doll/ John Holmes non-vibrating Doll
This stud comes with an eight inch non-vibrating penis which is long but not too firm because it is hollow. You may want to purchase a Realistic Penis that can be inserted into John for a more realistic and Big Solid sensation.

Doll / Kochi Japanimation Love Doll
Kochi the Asian fantasy girl, designed specifically like the Hentai characters found in Japanese anime comics and films.

She comes with a removable cute pink dress and white apron. Features a useable pussy, ass and mouth, with solid head with its own sucking action mouth! Her big beautiful saucer-like eyes will captivate you, as she pleasures you with her supple mouth, and entices you with her tight pussy and ass. Her head is solid and features a bulb-pump for her throat, so when she sucks you off you can get that real feel!


Doll / Legal Skin Love Doll
Like 'em young? She's new to the game... this ready and willing doll has everything you could possibly want from a tender sweet thing! Her open mouth just begs for you to teach her how to give head. Her tender pussy wants you to stuff your throbbing cock deep til you groan with pleasure... as if that weren't enough, she'll cradle you in her tight ass. She never says no!

Doll / J-Ho Fantasy Doll
She's your Puerto Rican Princess! She's got the ass everyone dreams about. Three tender love holes, just pick your passion.


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